Women Reclaiming AI is a collaborative AI voice assistant made by a growing community of self identifying women

Woman Reclaiming AI (WRAI) is an expanding activist art-work, presented as a feminist AI voice assistant, (chat to it here by clicking the chat icon), programmed through participatory workshops by a growing community of self-identifying women (trans, intersex and cis) and all nonbinary, agender and gender variant people. Through creating a platform for collective writing and editing the project co-creates an AI that challenges gender roles.

It is a response to the pervasive depiction of AI voice assistants gendered as women, subordinate and serving. Designed by development teams which lack diversity these systems are embedded with unrepresentative worldviews and stereotyping which reinforce traditional gender roles.

Disobedient resistance

WRAI aims to reclaim female voices in the development of future AI systems by empowering self-identifying women to harness conversational AI as a medium for protest.

The WRAI art-work consists of the collectively designed voice assistant and an evolving alternative visual representation of women through the use of a GAN (generative adversarial network) (as displayed at the top of this page). The GAN is trained on an growing data-set of images of the women participating and other women the collective find inspirational (scraped from Wikipedia and other public repositories). The intention is to creating an alternative data-set of women, which we collectively feel is more representative. This project is created by artists - technologists Coral Manton and Birgitte Aga in collaboration with an ever evolving community of self-identifying women.


workshops and exhibitions
02 October 2023 More Than Meets AI, Ryder Gallery, UC Berkeley, California
18 November 2022 Fuel Theatre: The Ethics of Digital Immortality and Digital Bodies, Warwick University
14 November 2022 Fuel Theatre: The Ethics of Digital Immortality and Digital Bodies, Somerset House, London
18 March 2021 A hyper-local nanosecond protest, MozFest [online]
30 March 2020 Anthropology Technology Meetup Group, Bristol, UK
14 March 2020 SheFest 2020: Women Reclaiming AI, Sheffield Technology Parks, Sheffield, UK
12 March 2020 The RRRIOT Festival, Vienna, Austria
28 October 2019 Become an AI activist with KWMC, KWMC, Bristol, UK
27 October 2019 Mozfest, London, UK
25 October 2019 Kaleider, Exeter, UK
24 October 2019 Bath Digital Festival , Bath, UK
14 September 2019 The Eden Arts Festival, The Eden Project, Cornwall, UK
07 September 2019 ARS Electronica, Linz, Austria
29 June 2019 The Cell, London, UK
24 May 2019 BOM, Birmingham Open Media, Birmingham, UK
17 May 2019 The Barbican, Life Rewired Hub, London, UK
10 May 2019 Automate Me, Northern Sound Collective, Leeds, UK
13 April 2019 Near Now, Nottingham, UK
24 November 2018 Birmingham Open Media, UK, Birmingham, UK
17 November 2018 Random String, Coventry, UK
13 June 2018 Knowle West Media Centre, Bristol, UK
08 May 2018 KARST, Plymouth, UK
03 May 2018 KARST, Plymouth, UK

Woman Reclaiming AICollaborators

Coral Manton
Birgitte Aga
Kate Potts
Hannah Wood
Georgina Conroy
Rachel Dobbs
Sophie Mellor
Women of Whitleigh
Camille Aubry
Kathy Hinde
Liz Lister
Heather Marks
Eleanor Jean
Martha King
Penny Evans
Bex Ilsley
Lisa-Cay Dobinson
Demelza Lord
Janet Vaughan
Guanghua Zhou
Elvia Vasconcelos
Mindy Chillery
Lucy Mulgrew
Katie Day
Karen Newman
Louise Latter
Libby Heaney
Louise Paling
Aly Grimes
Rachel Parry
Sarah Todino
Katie Attwood
Helen Joy
Gosia Boizec
Katie Finnegan
Rebecca F
layla h
Shelly Knotts
Lucy C
Akeelah Bertram
Jo Chicau
Lizzie Wilson
Tamar Clarke-Brown
Victoria Rooke
Sowon park
Juan Anali
Martha King
Ane Engelstad
Tine Bech
Kasia Prus
Tash Nikol Smith
Rosa Francesca
Bronwin Patrickson
Nina Ma
Jae Hwa
Jane Manton
Rosaleigh Harvey-Otway
Letícia Laxon
Susanne Dietz
Chiara Köhler
Marta Forsberg
Francesca De Gaetano
Barbara von Rechbach
Kay Matschullat
Harriet Wood
Ellie Foreman
Katie Keeler
Becca Gill
Jodie O'Neill
Fiona Rourke
Gillie Stoneham
Annie Blanchette
Neha Yechuri
Angelina Angelo
Tjasa d'Epremesnil
Alice Szulc
Kitty Poon
Inez Awuley
Cheryl Lim